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11 Irresistible Real Estate Lead Magnets for Your Ads

Real Estate Lead Magnets

I want to share some fool-proof ideas with you today to improve your Real Estate Ads. I’ve seen a ton of different lead magnets being used by realtors and brokerages, and most I see are not done correctly.

For example, I recently began working with a new client who had previously spent $600 and generated only 20 leads… Crazy right? Now, some of the blame lay in poor targeting, but the offer was the biggest problem.

It inspired me to create this post because we have so many offers that work for our clients, and yet people keep telling me that generating real estate leads on Facebook is hard… It isn’t!

Here are 11 real estate lead magnets that you can start using right away in your ads!

Real Estate Lead Magnets

1. Free Home Evaluation

This one is quite common but almost always done incorrectly. Basically, you offer to give potential sellers a free home evaluation… I know what you’re thinking… “how the heck am I going to evaluate hundreds of homes?”.

Well, the great part is, you don’t need to. You can set this up on your website so that people get an automatic home evaluation based on their location. They give you their email and phone number and they are automatically sent a free evaluation. You can then follow up with them and try to win their business.

2. The Listing Ad

Ahhhh, the good old-fashioned listing ad. Pretty much every realtor I speak to has tried this type of real estate Facebook ad at least once… Almost always as a ‘boosted post’.. which is basically like donating money to Facebook.

This type of lead magnet is best used when the home you are trying to sell is attractive for the price. It’s pretty simple:

Take some attractive pics, create some enticing copy, get your targeting right and create an ACTUAL AD using the ads platform!

If it looks good, interested buyers will want to find out more. The difficult part is separating the serious leads from the window shoppers, but that’s a post for another day!

3. A Homes List

This lead magnet is one of our top-performing real estate lead magnets. And has been for quite some time. It’s also pretty simple (are you seeing a pattern here?)

All you’re doing is offering a list of homes for sale in your target area, that are all under a certain price point. These don’t need to be your listings, just attractive, well-priced homes in the area that are all around the same price point, and a bit higher.

Your headline would be something like, “10 Amazing Homes Under $419,000 In Dallas Today!”

If you’re not targeting a certain price point, just use Zillow to find a list of homes under the median home price in the area. Buyers will come!

4. A Luxury Homes List

Same as above, except now you are targeting a higher price point and different type of buyer.

Price isn’t necessarily a factor in their decision so you will need to think about different headlines that speak to their desires. For example, ‘A List Of Homes For Sale In The Most Prestigious LA Streets Right Now!”

By thinking carefully about your copy, and using it to qualify leads, you also avoid getting too many window shoppers or dreamers from your real estate Facebook ads.

5. Foreclosure Homes List

For this one you’re targeting the bargain hunters, so pretty much everyone! It’s just as simple as the others (I know…). You’re offering a list of bank-owned, foreclosed or under market value homes.

Now, you will tend to get a few more window shoppers with this one, but they will be a bit cheaper so volume is key.

Most leads will not specifically be looking for a foreclosure property, they just want a good deal, and that’s an opportunity for you.

6. New Construction Homes List

This lead magnet is useful if you are promoting a new development. The same concept as the others except you will probably need to use pre-construction renders or videos of the show home. Videos almost always work best.

The leads do tend to be a bit more expensive but there are fewer window shoppers because it’s a very specific type of list.

7. A Home Buyer Guide

This is one of the best real estate lead magnets you can use. It focuses on providing some value and building trust with your prospects right away. When you put together a valuable guide, you position yourself as an expert and increase their desire to work with you.

Just put together a guide that explains the entire home buying process, make it as in-depth and insightful as possible. Position yourself as an authority in the market, and you will become the go-to agent in your area.

Make sure to include a call-to-action at the end of the guide that lets the reader know that you are available to personally guide them as well.

You can re-use this guide for tons of different things, I’ve even had agents hand the guide out at open houses and the response has been great!

8. A Homebuyer Checklist

This is another great lead magnet that requires less time than a guide. It’s a nice short checklist that gets right to the point and provides a checklist for homebuyers to follow.

It would be something like “10 Crucial Steps To Save Money When Buying A Home”. For real estate Facebook ads, you always want to have an enticing headline.

Remember to include your CTA at the end and always follow up with an engaging email sequence.

9. A Seller Guide

This is broadly similar to the homebuyer guide, except you are guiding them through the sale process. Again, you want to make this as valuable and insightful as possible to position yourself as a trusted authority in the market.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the leads on Facebook, especially seller leads, are 3 – 6 months from a decision. This means you need to nurture your leads over time using email sequences, newsletters and re-targeting ads.

By doing this you are truly creating a valuable database of leads that will keep bringing you business.

I can’t stress enough how important it is.

10. A Seller Checklist

This is also similar to the buyer checklist except you are giving them a few quick wins that will help with a sale.

Something like “10 Quick & Cheap DIY Projects To Increase The Value Of Your Home”

A scroll stopping headline and some attractive design will make this guide a winner for your real estate Facebook ads.

11.  A Home Value Report

This one takes a bit more work but provides a ton of value. You’re offering a free personalised home value report that is more than just the common ‘home evaluation.

The leads are going to be more expensive for this offer but they will be way more qualified. Make sure your landing page is fast, convincing and easy to use so that your conversion rates are high.

This may be something you want to offer further down the line instead of straight away.

For example, a lead downloaded your seller checklist and you spoke to them briefly on the phone. They said they were planning to sell in around 4 months. You could offer them a free detailed home value report to get that golden face-to-face meeting and win their business.

Anyways, that’s my list of the best real estate lead magnets. I hope you find it useful. Feel free to book a free consultation if you have any questions about real estate advertising or just want to connect.

Have a great day!

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