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We use big-data and modern technology to keep your business ahead of the pack.


Facebook Advertising

Social Ads

The most cost-effective way to grow your business online. With billions of active users and incredible advertising capabilities, Facebook is the king of digital.

Google Advertising

Search Ads

Google Ads allows us to get your business on the first page of Google instantly. We target high intent users who are actively looking for your product/service.

Conversion Optimization

Sales Funnels

Our Sales Funnel team can help you take your conversions to the next level. We build strong value propositions, nurture subscribers with contextual, targeted content, and support customer retention. 

How we help you grow your business.

We map out the specific needs of each client so they can easily connect with their target audience.



We start by doing market research, a competitor analysis, and build your customer avatar.



We create a plan of action to reach your target audience and achieve your advertising goals.


Content Creation

We level-up the experience your consumers have with your brand with inspiring design and engaging content.


Ad Launch

We will maximise every point of contact you have with your customers and turn your leads into recurring sales.


Testing & Optimization

We analyze initial results to understand exactly what needs to be optimized for the best results.


Analytics & Reporting

We employ a scientific approach to marketing. We use data to increase efficiency and increase your profits.

Patrick and his team have been amazing. They have automated and expanded my lead gen and follow up so that I only speak to qualified prospects! Best decision I have ever made.

Jay Hawes

Facebook Review

Amazing team that has helped me so much with my website and brand. Easy to work with. Very trustworthy and professional.

Jamie-Cherel Morrison

Facebook Review

After over a year of struggling on my own, Global Media is helping me navigate my social media and PPC campaigns. It’s such a relief to have them on my team. I was about to give up – glad I didn’t.

Helen Swan

Facebook Review

About us

Build the Perfect Growth Marketing Machine

 We always take the time to find out about your business, it’s goals and what you want to achieve from your marketing activities.

Growth Strategy

Uncovering and understanding customer behaviors, needs, channels, and motivations through select research.

Data Infrastructure & Analysis

Setup and integrate analytics and attributions systems into your marketing decision-making process.

Media Buying

Objective-driven ad management, variable testing, and unified content approach to brand communication.