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We help businesses reach new heights with result-driven digital advertising and our cutting-edge software.

Data-Driven Digital Advertising.

Our team of bright-minded and creative thinkers will take your business to the next level.

Social Ads

On average, 80% of potential conversions from Facebook are lost due to poor ad strategy. We are experts, leave it to us.

Search Ads

Only 10% of paid search account managers optimize their accounts every week. We create search ads that sell.

Sales Funnels

Up to 75% of sales are lost due to poor conversion rate optimisation. We build market-leading sales funnels.

How we help you grow your business.

We map out the specific needs of each client so they can easily connect with their target audience.



We start by doing market research, a competitor analysis, and build your customer avatar.



We create a plan of action to reach your target audience and achieve your advertising goals.


Content Creation

We level-up the experience your consumers have with your brand with inspiring design and engaging content.


Ad Launch

We will maximise every point of contact you have with your customers and turn your leads into recurring sales.


Testing & Optimization

We analyze initial results to understand exactly what needs to be optimized for the best results.


Analytics & Reporting

We employ a scientific approach to marketing. We use data to increase efficiency and increase your profits.

We are an award-winning ad agency

We know what it takes to be successful and we pride ourselves on service quality and customer satisfaction.


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We are also a software company

Our all-in-one marketing platform will allow you to automate and expand your lead generation and conversion efforts.

“Patrick and his team have been amazing. They have automated and expanded my lead gen and follow up so that I only speak to qualified prospects! Best decision I have ever made”

Jay Hawes

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“Amazing team that has helped me so much with my website and brand. Easy to work with. Very trustworthy and professional.”

Jamie-Cherel Morrison

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“After over a year of struggling on my own, Global Media is helping me navigate my social media and PPC campaigns. It’s such a relief to have them on my team. I was about to give up – glad I didn’t.”

Helen Swan

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