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5 Great Advantages of Google Ads & Paid Search

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Paid Search, Primarily Google Ads, has become the most cost-effective way to reach an audience that has already expressed interest in buying a product or service.

Studies have shown that 90% of people who conduct online searches are at the end of the buying cycle (they are ready to buy).

If done correctly paid search will put highly relevant ads directly in front of your target audience. This is all completely free until they click on the ad.

Google Ads

How Google Ads Work

Basically, your ad is placed in the sponsored section of the search page. When people search for certain keywords your ads will appear based on the keywords that you have bid on.

For example, if someone searches ‘house for rent in London’ on Google. If you have created an ad that targets the keywords ‘rent’ and ‘London’ your ad will appear based on how much you have paid for the keyword (common words are pricier) and the ‘quality score’. A score based on how relevant your ad is compared to others.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on the other hand optimises your website to rank higher on search pages organically and without paid ads.

Using PPC (Pay-per-click) and SEO together will increase the visibility of your ads, as well as increase website traffic. This increases the conversion rate between prospects and leads, especially if you are re-targeting them with specialised ads based on their searches.

While SEO will take time to develop effectively, Paid Search can be done fairly quickly and offers a wide range of benefits for your business. Experience and research are key components to a successful PPC campaign.

Advantages of Paid Search

1. Prospects see your ad at the right time

Research shows that 90 per cent of people who search online already know exactly what they’re looking for. They are using keywords that you are targeting and are generally ready to buy or talk.

You’re getting your content and ads to a highly engaged audience who are actively searching for offers like yours – this is at a relatively low cost and without annoying anyone with products/services they don’t want.

It’s not as simple as it sounds though, a fair amount of research, testing and optimisation should be expected if you really want to make the most of paid search.

2. It’s easily measured

With Paid Search, you can perform in-depth campaign analysis and precisely track your success. This makes it much easier to consistently optimise your content and keywords for the best results.

The great part about it is that you can tell exactly what your ROI is and can make better decisions when it comes to budget allocation and content creation. You will achieve your goals far more efficiently.

You can also retarget users who didn’t follow through with a purchase so your business stays top-of-mind.

3. It will raise your brand awareness

Both PPC and SEO will generate qualified traffic to your websites and at the same time increase your brand awareness. The higher you rank on search engines the more people will visit your website.

People who visit your website and have a good experience are more likely to use your service and even recommend you to someone else. Your brand awareness grows and with it your leads.

However, SEO takes time to become profitable. When Google Ads are done right, you can expect to make a profit almost immediately.

4. It’s Cost Effective

Google Advertising can be one of the most profitable advertising platforms if you put some effort into it. On average, for every £1 you put in, you can expect £2 in return. But who wants to be average right?

As stated previously, people who are searching on Google or Bing are generally looking for something specific. Of course, they may still be shopping around but the intent is there, they want something.

By using high intent keywords and eliminating query search terms you can make sure that most of your clicks are coming from people who want to buy your product or service.

5. It works

Out of all the reasons listed above, by far the most important advantage of Paid Search is that it works! This is why in the United States alone advertisers spend more than $12 billion per year on search engine advertising, with some spending as much as $8 million a month on Google Ads.

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